First of all, make a copy of your database to test things. Never test code
on production enviroment.

  Then, the delete syntax most of the time is:

  DELETE FROM table_name WHERE column = 'value';

  Let's see:

$table = 'table_name';
$value = '15';

$sql = "DELETE FROM $table WHERE field_1 = '$value'";
mysql_query($sql) or exit(mysql_error());

  There isn't a space between field and 1, at least I don't think SQL
compliant databases let you put spaces on table and column names. $value
probaly should be between single quotes, Mysql requires it for strings or
values that are compared to a string type-column (varchar, text, etc...).
Even sometimes for numeric columns, so, doesn't hurt to leave it unless it
doesn't work ;-)

  If $table is not recognized, try:

$sql = 'DELETE FROM ' . $table . " WHERE field_1 = '$value'";

  If you just want to delete one record, it's a good idea to put a LIMIT 1
at the end.

  Hope it helps!


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"Chuck "Pup" Payne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I a seting up a php page that will let me delete a record from my mysql
> database, but I want it be able to match to fields before it will let a
> delete that record. I know the basic sql command is....
> DELETE FROM $table WHERE field 1 = "$value"
> But I don't know how to write the state for a second field. Can some one
> tell, but one field seem to give too much choose and would make it to easy
> to delete the wrong record.
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