I'm working on a project for a friend of mine that is basically a web log.  
When he makes a post, it inserts the data into a MySQL database, and also 
inserts a timestamp which is data("g:ia") (shows hh:mm am/pm).  It then just 
displays all of the posts with the timestamps underneath them.  Well, he 
wants the posts to be catergorized beneath a date, so it would be something 

Headlines for March 7th, 2002

   Title 1
   message text posted by friend at 1:00am

   Title 2
   message text posted by friend at 9:10pm

Healines for March 6th, 2002

    Title 1
     etc etc etc

I'm trying to figure out a way to do this without really making things screwy 
and bug prone, but can't really come up with any good ideas.   I know I'm 
going to have to have 2 time columns, one with the timestamp, another with 
the date, but trying to figure out how to organize this all is really 
frustrating me.  Can someone figure out a way to do this without involving 
multiple embedded while loops, multiple SQL statements and a whole slew of 
temporary variables?  I don't want example code or anything, just an idea of 
how to do something like this.


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