Hi there!

I am wondering if there is any way to stop PHP from sending any headers at
I know about php -q, but unfortunately I want it to work with the module
version of PHP as well.

What I do is collect all output with the ob_ functions, and send it to a
pipe. And there the output is encoded, headers are sent and the content is
sent to stdout. However, after this is done, more headers are being sent by
PHP. I want to keep it as much as possible outside the PHP code (I have my
reasons :)

I guess I could grab the output from the pipe, but if there's a way to make
php not send any headers at all that'd be much nicer.
Right now I "fixed" it by printing <!-- in the external prog, and after
that --> in the php code, so at least the headers don't show up in the
browser.. Nice is something else tho.

Any ideas?



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