I use the following construct to avoid the "?" in the url which stops the 
image being cached...
img src="http://www.domain.com.au/buttons/image.gif-System-3-ffffff-9-L/test";

then have a rewrite rule that redirects anything at /buttons/ to index.php
This way I can send file name of the background image, font, size, colour, 
offset,alignment and finaly the text to use.  and it is still cacheable.
If you want a copy of my index.php which unscrambles that lot let me know...

At 06:09 AM 7/03/2002, Adrian Murphy wrote:
>This seems strange to me but i promise it's happening.
>I'm dynamically creating images for a page ,calling them so:
><img src="butonn.php?string=hello">
>I'm also preloading the mouseover versions.
>the problem is that the images are not being preloaded:
>javascript problem you say?
>the strange thing is that when i use the source of the php
>page and save it as a html page,the html page works fine!
>I've encountered a few strange problems with image generation stuff.any ideas

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