Hi Tom,

At first it didn't work. I had to create a blank png image in Photoshop and
uploaded it. I then changed file permissions and then the image creation
worked. Is there a way to write to test.png when it doesn't already exist
and file permissions are set?

Thanks for your help.

Craig ><>

use ImagePNG($im,"test.png")


At 12:17 PM 7/03/2002, Craig Westerman wrote:
>The following creates a red rectangle png image
>Header("Content-Type: image/png");
>$im = ImageCreate(500, 75);
>$red = ImageColorAllocate($im, 255, 0, 0);
>ImageFill($im, 100, 100, $red);
>This sends created image to browser
>How would I save this image as test.png to file to be hard coded in static
>web pages?
>Craig ><>

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