On Wednesday 06 March 2002 18:27, Navid Yar wrote:
> I'm thinking that it probably has to do with the quoting scheme or
> something else. I tried it on the command line, and it worked fine. I
> don't even think it matters what types of quotes I use around the id
> field. I tried both (single and double) on the command line, and it
> worked just fine. In other words, the SQL is fine, and there's nothing
> wrong with it. It must either be how I placed the sql statement into the
> query or how the class is executed. I'm not sure. It might entirely be
> something else. But, any help on this is really appreciated.

If 'id' is a numeric field then you should not use quotes:

  SELECT label FROM menu WHERE id = 1

If it's a character field then it doesn't matter whether you use single or 
double quotes.

One thing you could try doing is to rewrite your code so that it doesn't use 
mysql_db_query() as it has been deprecated as of php-4.0.6.

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