[I've put this back on the list, because someone who's into PHP's MAIL()
from Linux might be able to help]

> OK, I 'KISS'ed' it. The line now reads:
>  mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "Please call if this works", "Hi
> and works fine. BUT, if i put my email address
> in the 'to' field, no email is delivered. If i send it to any
> address, no result. Seems it will work fine if sent outside my ISP.
> Any ideas??

Well the most ?sensible is that your fine Australian carrier, being ever
mindful and caring of their customers, don't want you to talk to
yourself - or to hear those voices in your head!? Now if you told me
that you could 'talk' to in-house addresses but not 'outside', I'd not
be surprised, but this way around?

First off: you've achieved a successful transmission, so that you have
proven the connection between PHP and the SMTP mail server!

Secondly (I assume) you can use your email client to send msgs to
(try not to listen to those voices - but don't ask me why - I'm only
repeating what people say to me, regularly!)

Ask "CK" to analyse the headers of the 'successful' msg. Take a look and
see if you can follow the various servers that the msg routed through.
Compare that with the headers on your me-to-me email and look for

Other than that, another course would be to ask your ISP to explain the
situation/email set up/if there is some 'bar' to prevent you from
sending to yourself (a bit dopey, but possible) -  I copy every
newsletter sent to clients with one sent to 'me' - one of several checks
for success/failure).

Meantime, set yourself up with a free email service, eg Yahoo, and
organise that as a 'reflector', ie to forward any msgs received
automatically and immediately to your Optus account. Then use that for
testing your transmissions (and not having to bother CK=Superman - wish
my alter ego had such dramatic presence, but I think mine is a hat...).
That way you could get on with things meantime.


> >> Yep it is a linux box.
> >
> > Ok, seeing that's 'sweet', go for "KISS"!
> > See earlier comments about simplifying and once 'plain vanilla' is
> > working, add back the optional headers/multiple lines, etc. Will be
> > easier to work out what's breaking things, and then address that
> >
> > Regards,
> > =dn
> >
> >
> >>>> Hi all... I have a line in a page that should send me an email
> >>> the page
> >>>> is loaded.
> >>>> mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "worked", "Line 1\nLine
> >>> 3");
> >>>> when i load the page...i get NO error msgs, but the function does
> > not
> >>> send
> >>>> the mail. There is no record of any activity in the mail
> >>> ideas...
> >>>
> >>> If your server is not a *nix box you need to separate headers with
> > CRLF
> >>> (Win) or CR (Mac).
> >>> What does php.ini say in the mail section?
> >>> Simplify the msg right down to the barest minimum, get it to work,
> > then
> >>> start adding...
> >

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