David Johansen wrote:
> I'm new to this php thing and I would like to set up a web page were the
> users can login and edit their preferences and all that stuff. I have the
> basic login stuff worked out and I was passing the username and password as
> a hidden input in the form, but then the password can be seen with view
> source. I know that there's a better way to do this, so could someone point
> me to a good tutorial or example on how I could make it so that the user
> could login and logout and then I wouldn't need to be passing the password
> all around like this. Thanks,
> Dave


Have a read up about sessions in the PHP manual to start.  The basic 
idea is that you'd store the fact that someone is succesfully logged in 
or not (and who they are) in session information at the server.  The 
client forms never have to have the username or password in them at that 
point (only when they submit their login data).

Michael Kimsal
Taking the ? out of <?php

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