Rodrigo Peres wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm new to PHP, but I found it greate. But I have a question. Recently I've
> saw a friend using asp and the object record set seems perfect, I mean the
> function to count records, navigate in throw record (back and forth)
> everything automatic is amazing. There's a way, to implement such things in
> PHP??
> Thank's in advance
> Rodrigo

Go look at adodb from  They have a PHP library 
that gives you much of the same functionality as the ADO system.
Keep in mind that going 'back and forth' in a recordset comes at the 
expense of a great amount of speed.  MS and others will tell you that
for good performance you should use 'forward only' recordsets,
so it's of limited value to many people anyway.

Michael Kimsal
Taking the ? out of <?php

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