I'm having a problem dealing with #'s in my urls. Most browsers will
not send the # with the request because they know it's only for use
with a named anchor.

so when you type in: http://mysite.com/test.php?id=0#top
all that the browser will send as a request is

this is good. My problem is when a weird browser sends the #top as
part of the request. when this happens, the value of id is now
"0#top". I need to make sure this doesn't happen. I know I could do
some ereg_replace on all my variables, but I would have to do this on
every request and I'd rather avoid it.

in php.ini there is a variable called arg_separator.input that looks
like it can help but when I add the line:

arg_separator.input = "&#"

I still get $id = "0#top"

so it doesn't seem to be working. I have php 4.0.6

thanks for any ideas,
- Mark

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