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> Dear Mark,
>   Thanx for your reply.
>   The solution you mentioned I knew it allready but i cannot change the name
> of order to order[] or something else but i still want to know is there any
> other way i can solve this issue.   I got so many anwer saying that it is
> not possible I wonder why because PHP is supporting so many feature why not
> this. In Java and Cgi-Perl it is very simple why not in PHP that's my
> question.
>   In java i use : (works for both GET and POST)
> public Enumeration ServletRequest.getParameterNames() - for getting all the
> names
> public String[] ServletRequest.getParameterValues(String) - for getting all
> values for the given name ( this is the one which accomplishes my job, gets
> both order's values)
>   I am very sure that there must be some solution to this but I don't know
> how to do this in PHP.  I have one solution using GET method but not with
>   Looking forward for solution to this issue.
>   Regards,
> karthikeyan.

Have you looked at $HTTP_POST_VARS (or $_POST, depending on version) or 

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