Linux is a form of Unix, one that is available free, as in it costs 
nothing, you are free to copy it and use it on as many computers as you 
like, and you can, if you are so inclined, make changes to the operating 
system as the full source code for the kernel is available to you.

There are many forms of Unix, such as Sun's Solaris, HP's HP-UX, Digital 
UNIX, any of the *BSD systems, and Linux. Linux is just another form of 
Unix-like system. There are other freely available Unix systems, like the 
BSD systems (OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD), while other ones you usually have 
to pay for, and likely won't get complete access to the source. (Some are 
in-between, like Solaris, which you can download for free under certain 
circumstances, and you can get the source code, but you can't really 
distribute changes to the OS.)

As for the most common Unix, these days it feels like Linux, 'cause it's 
all the rage, but the most common on the big-ass servers are the 
proprietary Unices, like Solaris. 

Apache isn't a Unix system at all, it's just a web server, like Microsoft's 
IIS. Apache can be used on pretty much any Unix system, and can even be 
used on Windows platforms. (Although it's generally more stable and faster 
on Unix systems.)

If you're really new to Unix systems (and it sounds like you are) pick up a 
Linux distribution like Mandrake, RedHat, or SuSE, as they're generally the 
easiest to install. Once you get used to Unix-like systems, you can 
generally move between them fairly easily, although there is a learning 
curve. (For instance, while Solaris and Linux are both Unices, there are 
quite a few differences, but if you can get used to one, it makes learning 
the other relatively easy, versus only knowing Windows or whatever.)

IMHO, of course.


Dani wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to server issue, I would like to know what is the difference
> between Linux and Unix?
> If I want to setup a server which one is the most commond one and good
> one? Lunix or Unix or Apache?
> sorry if this sounds like a silly question, but I don't know about it
> and I would like to learn. I hope someone could help me.
> thanks
> Regards,
> Dani

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