At 12:07 AM 3/9/2002 +0800, Jason Wong wrote:
> > I'd love to be able to send any errors from PHP to a completely separate
> > file, say something like /var/log/php_errors.  Does anyone know of a way to
> > do this?  I gather it has to do with using /etc/syslog.conf to redirect
> > messages from a particular facility to that file, but I have no idea which
> > facility PHP uses.  I tried grepping the source but it's a bit over my head
> > so I didn't really know what to look for...
>error_log = /some/path/or/another/php-error.log

Thanks for the response.  I actually had it setup this way before but 
switched it to syslog because of some stupid assumptions that I made due to 
lack of research. :)  I'll spare everyone the details since they're not at 
all interesting. :)

Thanks again!

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