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>> I have problem with downloading any file from my site using IE 5.5 and
>> HTTPS protocol. My php script works fine with Netscape 6.2 and
>> HTTP/HTTPS protocols and with IE 5.5 but only with HTTP protocol.
> I suspect your script has nothing to do with it.
> A while back, I had problems serving my SSL'd pages to IE 5 users.  If I
> recall correctly, it turned out to be a bug in IE not being able to
> process certificiates with key lengths that were not the ones expected.
> Thawte or my ISP inadvertently used a 1028 bit key on the certificate
> rather than 1024.

IE5 has known problems with SSL.  Some sites (sourceforge.net) use SSL 
only to authenticate the user, letting them back out of secure-mode 
after authentication succeeds, if the useragent is IE5.  It reduces the 
potential for problems.



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