Hi Adrian,

there is an excellent article on that by:

 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * PHP4 DBM Session Handler
 * Version 1.00
 * by Ying Zhang ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

Describing all you need. Check out www.phpbuilder.com or weberdev.com and
search for the name above.You could also check his website.

Good luck


"Mailing List" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> I am new to PHP so please excuse my ignorance.  I want to manage and
> create session id's for my shopping cart with a MySQL database.  I have a
> database with a session_id column that is auto-increminting.  Is there any
> example of anyone using a mysql database to manage session_id's?
> Regards,
> Adrian Mcmanus
> IT Director
> The B&F System, Inc.

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