We are running Apache 1.3.20 with PHP 4.0.6/rfc1876-patch built as a
module. We are using PHP on a load-sharing cluster with n web servers.
Our cluster supports an application that makes extensive use of mysql
connections via the PHP mysql_* functions.

The application was tested on a single web server, and the programmers
are trying to use persistent connections to increase efficiency.
First, I want to confirm in my own mind whether this will have any
real benefit in our situation because we are using a cluster
environment, correct?

Second, the programmers are using mysql_connect() and not
mysql_pconnect(). Does that mean they are in fact not using persistent
connections? (BTW, we do have persistent connections turned on in

Finally, the programmers showed me how they see that persistent
connections are in fact working. On the development server they are
doing the following:


On their server the second mysql_query() works! (They are using Apache
1.3.20 as well, but I was told they may have compiled PHP into Apache
rather than as a module, and I'm not exactly sure of the version, but
I'm pretty sure it is 4.0.6.) But on the cluster the second
mysql_query() returns:

Warning: 1 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /some/path/pers.php
on line 11 could not execute 'select zipcod from zip'

Should this be working on our cluster? If not, what do we need to do.
Can this work? Will persistent connections even be effective in a
cluster environment?

I did read the alt.comp.lang.php FAQ, but it didn't actually address
this issue.

Any help or information is appreciated!

Regards, Dustin

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