I don't quite understand why you chose such a complicated solution - I 
may be missing something, in which case sorry for wasting your time. But 
why don't you just dynamically build the select statement and then use 
the <whatever>_fetch_array() -- and walk that array instead?

Just my 2c


Jonathan Duncan wrote:

>I am trying to figure out a way to dynamically create some lines of PHP code
>and then have it executed.  This is because I want a page to display
>different columns in a table depending on whatever link is clicked.  There
>are hundreds of different combinations of column headings so I don't want to
>make a different PHP page that is formated for each different combination.
>The column headings are stored in a database.
>So far what I have come up with is to have a starting page, that takes the
>value of the link that is clicked, it queries the database for that value
>and then does a while statement to make all the <TD>'s for the different
>columns.  Each <TD> is populated with a different variable, one for each
>column header.  Each iteration I append to a variable to hold all of these
><TD>'s.  Then I write the contents of that variable to a temporary include
>file and call the page that will display the table.  That table then
>includes those <TD>'s from the include file I wrote them to and executes the
>PHP that runs another query on the database and fills in the variables in
>those <TD>'s.
>This seems like a lot of work.  Does what I am trying to do make sense to
>anyone?  Does anyone have any idea how to do this an easier way?
>Jonathan Duncan

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