On Saturday 09 March 2002 05:21, abw wrote:
> I have downloaded the patch for the security bug found with the file
> uploading. One server has php 4.0.6 and the other has 4.1.1, but my problem
> is that the patch does not have any instructions.
> I was going to use the patch command, but I don't know what parameters to
> use.
> This question was asked on the mailing list a few days ago, but there were
> no replies.

There was, search the archives.

> Can anybody tell me how I might install the patch on the servers? Do I have
> to install it over the source and recompile? What command line might I use?
> It is a hot fix?

untar/unzip the file ---> rfc1867.c.diff-4.0.6

cd /path/to/source/php-4.0.06/main

You should have a file called rfc1867.c


  patch rfc1867.c /path/to/where/you/extracted/rfc1867.c.diff-4.0.6

Then do the usual ./configure, make, etc.

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