Source based.  Everything is built.
On a new machine it will take aprox 4 hours to get up and running but it is
tweaked out specifically for your HW.

Also, this is one of the easiest distro's I've ever had to manage. I've
played with Caldera, Corel, RH , Mandrake, and SGL (now defunct, at least
until the author gets his head out of his butt) and Gentoo.  Gentoo is by
far the best.

But be prepared.  There's no graphical installer. It takes time and patience
to get it running.

My $0.02,

* Cal Evans
* Journeyman Programmer
* Techno-Mage
* http://www.calevans.com

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From: Floyd Baker [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: [PHP] which linux?

This is a bit ot but 'related', and I know you guys know...

I'm about to buy a new machine and want to install linux instead of
ms.   I've never touched the stuff before but I hear Mandrake 8.1 is
good for easy install, etc.  Would anyone have suggestions on buying a
new machine, chip compatibility, best linux, etc??  And since I don't
know much more than the linux name and reputation, can I maybe get an
idea of an average learning curve time frame?

Right now I'm set up on win32 with apache php4.1 and mysql which is
what I'll be doing with the new one.




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