Have you set up dns so that all three URLs translate to the same ip 
address? Just a thought. You could use tcpdump (assuming you are on 
unix) to check whether apache (port 80 or whatever) is being called and 
whether dns queries are answered with the right ip address.



Andy wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I know this is not an apache group, but I am sure you guys did deal with the
>same problem as I do currently. So somebody might know it.
>I did set up 3 Virtual hosts in my httpd.conf with the same ip adress but a
>different name and dir. Serving 3 different applications. This works fine on
>the local machine. As soon as I access the names from another machine in my
>network I do only get the first application (the first entered in the
>httpd.conf). No matter which name I type in.
>Does anybody know how to solve this prob or can make a good hint?
>Thanx in advance

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