hi all,

Apologize if php-dev is inappropriate, but since this is a compile problem I
thought it would be relevant. I have cc:d the sapdb-general list as they
should be aware of these compile problems (and that is where I first asked
for help). I would like to construct a guide for people using SAPDB with PHP
in real multi-machine "enterprise" situations and will do so when I resolve
this compile issue:

I'm trying to compile PHP 4.1.1 on RH 6.2 w/SAPDB. Yes, I will upgrade to
4.1.2 very soon :)


During make, I get:
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lsqlrte

Which is surprising because I rsynced my copy of sqlrte into
/opt/sapdb/depend/lib from a "real" install I have on another machine. (the
"real" is a full, current server install... on this machine I only want the
client libs)

I also used the tarball from


which is (unless I am wrong, please correct me) fairly useless because it
does not contain that sqlrte lib that is required by PHP when compiling

anyway, despite having included the correct path(s):


in ld.so.conf

and having run ldconfig...

I still get 

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lsqlrte

What's worse (and much more confusing):

root@core lib> ld -v |grep sql
/// i.e. no results from this search, which lists all known libs

root@core lib> ldconfig -v |grep sql
        libsqlod.so => libsqlod.so
        libsqlrte.so => libsqlrte.so
        libsqlcls.so => libsqlcls.so

// note that ldconfig _is_ tracking these libs. AGH!

I have never seen an instance where ldconfig knows about something ld

I tried coping all files to /opt/sapdb/interfaces/odbc/lib just to give it a
shot, and that didn't work (though I'm not surprised it didn't). I have also
tried a number of variations of the --with-sapdb path just to ensure it
isn't me being a complete idiot.

what should I try next? or better, does anyone know how to solve this

PS: PLEASE email me directly. I'll cee my responses and findings to the
list, but I'm not subscribed.

tia all,

project leader, binarycloud

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