You haven't given anyone any specifics... nor a link to a phps, so I
cannot be any more specific with my advice

You could probably get away with looking through each of the elements in
the array and using something like 

        if ( substr($element, 0, 1) == $letter ( {

at least that's how I would go about it if I wanted a quick fix...

$.002 given ;)


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I want to sort by a letter in a colomn. Let say I want to sort the
last_name. I can do order by but I can do just the A's.

Like to create a link on a web "A" then sort only the last name are A.
I hope that's helps. I can order by, but I can't so a sort like the

Chuck Payne
Magi Design and Support

> on 3/10/02 9:42 PM, Cary at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> At 08:24 PM 3/10/02, Chuck \"PUP\" Payne wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I not a newie but I am not a pro at mysql either. I want to do a
query by
>>> letter(a, b, c..ect.). Is there a simple way to do it. I am writing
in PHP.
>>> So can someone please so me the how.
>> I'm not totally sure what your looking for. If you could elaborate a
>> I am sure that one of us could help you out.
>> Cary

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