I wrote a few days ago and have heard nothing - can ANYONE help with this:

I've got a script that is installed on a Solaris machine that is having 
difficulties, and I'm wondering if anyone can help. The script is trying to 
access and read files within a directory, pull some at random and put them 
in a webpage. The path is correct, the directory is set to 755 and I can 
view the files when I browse in. The script is up and running perfectly on 
two other servers - one on Red Hat Linux and one on Win2k.

The script is this:

// This pulls 3 random banners from the appropriate
// subdirectory of the images section of the site
$i=-1; $banners=opendir($SECTION_SIDEBAR_BANNERS);
if ($banners != FALSE) { while (($file = readdir($banners)) != FALSE) if 
($file != "." && $file != "..") $banner_list[$i++]=$file; 
closedir($banners); $l=sizeof($banner_list); if ($l!=0) { for 
($i=0;$i<3;$i++) { $ad=$banner_list[rand(0,$l)]; if (empty($ad)) { $i-=1; 
continue; } $imginfo=getimagesize("$SECTION_SIDEBAR_BANNERS/$ad"); 
$link=str_replace('.gif','',$ad); $link=str_replace('.jpg','',$ad); 
$link=str_replace('_','/',$ad); echo " <div class='sidebar-banner-slot'> <a 
href='$SECTION_URL"."ad-clickthrough.htm?AD_URL=$link'><img src='". 
$SECTION_SIDEBAR_BANNERS_URL. "/$ad' height='$imginfo[1]' 
width='$imginfo[0]' border='0' alt='Visit $link' /></a> </div>"; } }
// $l != 0 } // $banner != FALSE

The problem on the solaris machine is that opendir is getting in to the 
directory but from that point the server won't let the script read the 
files. It kicks back the error:
Warning: 1 is not a valid Directory resource in 
on line 20
(Identifying directories are foo'd out)

Since it kicks back the "1" and not a false, it seems it's getting access 
but then not being permitted. Here's something else - the problem is 
intermittent: sometimes the script can grab the images and others not. Can 
anyone help? Many thanks in advance. NIck

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