flock() is useful in a multiuser environment where two or more users 
might try to e.g edit a file at the same time. If this will not happen 
with what you are doing then you have no need for flock().

If, for example, you have a web application that updates a file then the 
application could use flock() to check whether the file may be opened or 
is already in use. It could be in use by another user of the same web 
application. If the file is not in use then using flock() will indicate 
to other instances of the application that the file is already in use. 
Using flock() does not actually prevent someone else opening it.

I think it is this basic information you were asking, apologies if I 
understood wrongly. The article you refer to shows how to use/call flock().

Hope this helps. Regards


Kristian Laren wrote:

>I've read the article on but
>i stille don't understand what flock() is doing, what it's good for, how i
>use it and what it help
>Would someone please help understand it??
>  Kristian Larsen
>  Denmark

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