Okay - here's one for you. Probably something really small and stoopid which I'm 
fergeting, but I don't mind a little egg on my face as long as I can figure out the 

Since you may or may not be down, I've included plenty o'comments to assist you in 
looking at this issue for me - thanks, by the way!

I'm having a problem in the code below. In simple, if you were to copy and paste the 
code to a file and run it on a PHP enabled server, you'll see a nifty table. Click on 
any one of the column headings and BAM!! - the column gets resorted (either ascending 
or descending) WITH ONE EXCEPTION - if you click on the last column heading, be ready 
to have your task manager window open so you can kill your browser, or else this puppy 
will lock your box tighter than a Bavarian virgin!! 

It doesn't seem to matter WHAT the last column is, as evident by the last column name 
in the below example - previously it would bag on position. Now position works fine, 
but be wary of test.

So I know it has to be something with the last column, but am having a little 
difficulty fighting my way out of this paper bag.

Any thoughts?

Here's the code:
// First we'll create a multi-demensional array of dummy info
        $arr["id"][] = "1";
        $arr["name"][] = "John";
        $arr["position"][] = "Developer";
        $arr["test"][] = "schtuff";
        $arr["id"][] = "2";
        $arr["name"][] = "Andrew";
        $arr["position"][] = "Senior Product Designer";
        $arr["test"][] = "schtuff4";
        $arr["id"][] = "3";
        $arr["name"][] = "Christina";
        $arr["position"][] = "Product Manager";
        $arr["test"][] = "schtuff3";
        // Next, for this example, we're gonna need a default sort order
        // if we haven't defined one, we'll set it to the ID field
        if(!isset($order_by)) $order_by = "id";
        if($order_dir == "DSC") arsort($arr[$order_by]); // This does a reverse sort 
on our 2nd dimension
        else asort($arr[$order_by]);    // This does a normal sort on our 2nd dimension
        // Start spitting out the UI
        echo "<table border=1><tr bgcolor=#eeeeee>";
        // Walk through each 1st dimension to write the table headers based on the 1st 
dimension values
        foreach($arr as $key => $val){
                echo "<td><a href=".$PHP_SELF."?order_by=$key";
                if(($key == $order_by)&&(!isset($order_dir))) echo "&order_dir=DSC";
                echo ">$key";
                if($key == $order_by){ // Getting fancy now, aren't we?
                        if($order_dir == "DSC") echo "[-]";
                        else echo "[+]";
                echo "</a></td>";
        echo "</tr>";
        // Now we'll spit out the actual data
        // Go through the now sorted 2nd dimension and get the keys (which holds the 
data positions
        // in the other 2nd dimensions
        while(list($key) = each($arr[$order_by])){
                echo "<tr>";
                // now that we have the 2nd dimension key, we'll walk through the 1st 
dimension arrays
                // one by one and get the value by way of our determined key
                foreach($arr as $skey => $sval){
                        echo "<td>".$arr[$skey][$key]."</td>";
                echo "</tr>";
        echo "</table>";

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