I would like to know how to code my mail msg to accept an <a href> tag

my current code is:

$msg = "$username wants you to check out \"The AdVentures of AdWoman:
AdWoman's Dilemma.\"\n\n";
    $msg .= "Play for a chance to win a Caribbean cruise presented by
Carnival Cruise Line and <a
    $msg .= "This adgame is presented by the American Advertising
Federation, which cordially invites you to attend the <a
href='http://www.aaf.org'> AdVentures Conference</a>, the AAF's National
Convention in Miami, Florida June 5-8.
                 $msg .= "This adgame was created by AdGames.biz.\n\n";
       $mailheaders = "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\n";
    $mailheaders .=  "Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\n\n";
    mail("$friendemail1", "$username Referred you an Adgame!", $msg,

My auto response email is printed with the < a href=....code instead of
creating the hyperlink for me.

Any suggestions on how to create this type of hyper link in a non html


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