The last person gave you a way to do it without using php.ini.... Re-read
the reply.

1) you can create a timestamp column last_access in your USERS table
2) every time that user hits a page, you need to update that column
3) every time the user asks for a new page, see if the last access is less
than 60 minutes.  If not.... Session_destroy().... Send them to the home


On 3/11/02 1:14 PM, "Andy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi Andrey,
> is there no way to control the lifetime without modifiying the php.ini? I am
> not on my own server. The ISP controles this file.
> Would you suggest to go for a self made session?
> Andy
> "Andrey Hristov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> 027901c1c91d$cce57970$0b01a8c0@ANDreY">news:027901c1c91d$cce57970$0b01a8c0@ANDreY...
>> PHP4 sessions or self made sessions. If PHP4 there is an option in php.ini
> to set about how frequently the GC(garbage collector)
>> will be started. Otherwise if self made and using a DB for backend - add
> new field last_time , and on every page request do "Delete
>> from session_table where last_time<now() interval 60 min"; not sure for
> the query but that is the idea.
>> Best regards,
>> Andrey Hristov

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