I am trying to replace a perl script with the following PHP code. The perl code
acted like a redirector, sending you to a different script depending on the
value of the submit button. The following replacement code written in PHP works
quite well until the postString exceeds some unknown size (This number must be
known by someone because it is always chopping it at the same place). Why will
this not work and how can I fix it?? It seems to break when sending script has
more than 30 lines of form input, works fine otherwise.

while(list($key, $val) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {
    $key = stripslashes($key);
    $val = stripslashes($val);
    $key = urlencode($key);
    $val = urlencode($val);
    $postString .= "$key=$val&";
if ($defloc){
    $gotoscript = $defloc;
$location = '/scriptdirectory/';
$go = "http://www.site.com".$location.$gotoscript."?".$postString;
header("Location: $go");

James E Hicks III

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