> and I like, if possible, that someone can send me tips in how is the best
> way to concatenate the query string in order to do the search. The users
> will have about 8 types of options to search, age (18 - 25, 25-30..),
> gender, nationality.....

My favorite technique is to stick the WHERE's into an array and then
implode that array into the query string.  Sample code is below.  A
similar technique can be used for creating JOIN statements as well.

By the way, make sure to clean and validate your data before using it in 


if ($Form->ThemeID != '') {
   switch ("$Form->ThemeIs") {
      case 'is':
         $Where[] = "ThemeID=$Form->ThemeID";
      case 'isnot':
         $Where[] = "ThemeID!=$Form->ThemeID";

$SQL->SQLQueryString = 'SELECT ItemID, Item FROM Items';
if (isset($Where)) {
   $SQL->SQLQueryString .= ' WHERE ' . implode(' AND ', $Where);

$SQL->SQLQueryString .= ' ORDER BY Item';




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