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> Direct quote from MySQL by Paul DuBois

Just a quick plug for that book -- it is excellent.  If you use MySQL 
for anything beyond casual experimentation, I highly recommend it as 
well worth the $40-50 (US) that it costs.  The first chapter alone gives 
a few dozen examples of various ways to query the database, which 
usually answers any of my questions about setting up queries.  There are 
chapters on optimizing the database, security issues, database 
administration, backup and repair of tables, and a huge set of 
appendixes with about as much MySQL information as you'd need (including 
the PHP-MySQL function reference).

To boot, when I had a question about how to perform an insert into a 
table with UNIQUE indexes where I had no control over whether or not the 
user was entering legitimate values, I posted to the mysql-users mailing 
list.  Within a few hours, I got the solution from a couple of people, 
including the author of this book himself.



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