I am just getting my head around classes, so forgive me if this is a
schoolboy error!

In order to learn I am re-writing my content management system and am in the
process of writing an HTML.class and a MYSQL.class.

so far so good. I spawn new instances of a table for example, sending
parameter,and a table is output.

now in my MYSQL.class- I want to send a query to my class which then returns
an array- my database row or rows.

the problem is that whilst my array is created- I only seem to be able to
manipulate it within my MYSQL class. This is not satisfactory as I really
want to be able to send it on to my HTML.class for formatting etc.

I obvioulsy do not want to format any 'echoed' output from within my
databasee class.

Here is a bit of sample code-

Once my database is open I call my query like this-

$TemplateTable = new DB;
$TemplateTable->mysql_query('SELECT * FROM template ORDER BY name ASC LIMIT

This is the function within my MYSQL.class

function mysql_query($query){
        $a= 0;
        while($row=mysql_fetch_row($SQL)) {
                        $new_row =  join('***',$row);
                        $result[] = $new_row;
                        echo $result[$a]."<br>";

So here I am creating a string with each row in my database which is
delimted by *** -> $new_row.and am placing each row in anew array called

I can evaluate and format either $new_row or $result from within
mysql_query() but I really want to do is to send it on to another funtion or
even better another class- or access the values glabbally as variables.

Any ideas or am I missing something really obvious?

Thanks in advance

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