In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, 
> I want errors reported on a page when the mail()
> function for any reason fails to send emails. FOr
> example, if there is a malformed email address or
> anything, and the mail is not sent, how can i catch
> the Error and Display it on the page?
> Thanks,
> T. Edison Jr.

I don't think that is really posible. The mail() function doesn't 
actually send the mail; all it does is hands it off to the defined MTA 
which looks after the sending etc.

There have been numerous discussions on the list about how to check a 
mail address - have a look over those and see if there is something 
suitable for checking the address before processing it with mail(). Also, 
I recall there is a header item something like Errors to: in which you 
can define an address which will receieve error messages from the MTA; 
you'll need to check the RFCs for the correct definition.

David Robley
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