I develop locally on win9x, and deploy to everything from 3.0.18 to 4.1.2 remotely 
(Linux/*nix/Raq/Solaris/FreeBSD).  So I need to keep register_globals true on this 
development machine.  But, I've found since 4.0.5 and up, that $PHP_SELF is set, but 

  I just deleted the last 4.1.1 official win install because of this same problem.  
Before I download and install 4.1.2 I figure I'd see if this is still a issue.  Anyone 
have any insight on this?

  I could stick with 4.0.2 (where this still works), but PEAR seems to have some 
syntactical issues with this version, and I'd really like to start 
incorporating/contributing with/to it.

  Hunting down all my code that uses $PHP_SELF is unfortunately not even feasible, 
it's too spread out by now.  I can't take the chance of breaking so many installations.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions,

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