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> I have a question. I am working on a submit form that will
> ask you for confirmation of info. I.e. I need to move values
> submitted via form through 2 different pages. One of the ways
> to do it is via session_start(). Another way to do is it via
> storing variables in a QUERY_STRING and that's my favourite to
> be honest (page.php?a=432&b=$this)
> The question is how reliable the session is? In other words
> I understand session works based on cookies right? So if the client
> browser has cookies disabled the session is not going to work 
> right?

Wrong.  The *session id* is stored using a cookie if cookies are enabled; otherwise it 
is passed from page to page as part of the URL.  In either case, all the session's 
data are actually stored on the *server*, and the session id is used as a key to them.



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