Solaris 8
PHP 4.1.2 (and 4.1.1)

In researching a problem with a script I discovered that I needed to
recompile PHP with OpenSSL support. So I successfully compiled PHP using
--with-openssl without errors. I did have an issue with libcrypto not
being found, but that was resolved by giving configure the location of
openssl by --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl/. 

The phpinfo script does not report that OpenSSL was installed. The make
install screen output did have "Making install in openssl". The contents
of ext/openssl inside the source directory of php did have libraries
created. The script calling for openssl_get_publickey() still seems to
think that the function is undefined.

Ezra S Freelove
Computer Supp Spec, Web Services
Information Technology
Valdosta State University

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