On Wednesday 13 March 2002 08:55, Don wrote:

> I did.  That's why I'm confused.  phpinfo() is telling me that the user is
> myself (I don't see the group).  So what is the "permission" difference
> between running PHP and logging on to the server via telnet as myself?
> > On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Don wrote:
> >
> > use phpinfo() to find that out...
> >
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > I have a question about how PHP runs.  I have a file on my FreeBSD
> server that is owned by another user but is the same group as myself.  The
> file has read/write permissions for the user only.  Therefore, when I log
> onto the server I cannot read or write to the file.  In fact, I can not
> even FTP it.
> > > The funny thing is, I wrote a PHP script to read the file (it's
> > > actually
> a CSV file) into an array using the function fgetcsv and display the values
> within the browser.  This worked.
> > > So my question is, what user is PHP run under that allows me to access
> another user's file (but the same group)?

If it's true that the file in question is only rw by the user ie 0600 or 

-rw-------    1 user     user

then it cannot be read by you OR the webserver -- unless the webserver is 
running as root (unlikely). So the question is, are you 100% positively sure 
that the permissions are as you said only read/write  for the user?

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