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> I've been working on this for a little while now, without success. I 
> want to compare the current date to a certain recurring date (ie: 
> compare todays date to the date of the second Sunday of the a certain 
> month). I have an event that happens on the second Sunday of 
> each month, 
> and I want to show the next date on which the event occurs, 
> without just 
> listing the next few months. Can anyone help?

Amazingly, I believe the following will do the trick:

   $second_sun_next_month = strtotime('2sunday', strtotime('+month 1 '.date('F')));

Or, breaking it down into understandable chunks:

   $this_month = date('F'); // 'March', as I write this!
   $first_of_next_month = strtotime("+month 1 ${this_month}");
      // interpreted by strtotime as "one month after the 1st of this month" -- i.e. 
1st April
      // returned value is a UNIX timestamp
   $second_sun_next_month = strtotime('2sunday', $first_of_next_month);
      // returns date of second Sunday counting from 1st of next month.

strtotime is actually quite a powerful beast, especially in its range of "relative" 
dates -- go to http://uk.php.net/manual/en/function.strtotime.php and follow the "Date 
Input Formats" link to get the full picture.




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