are you just looking for a way to display 10  results per page? If yes then
you can just use LIMIT to limit your result to 10 .. So, for the first page,
you can do "SELECT .... LIMIT 1, 10;" and for the second page "SELECT ...
LIMIT 11, 20" etc etc .
  You can sure use "ORDER BY" with "LIMIT" to to sort the results for a
given criteria ..


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Subject: [PHP-DB] Random Selecting from mySQL

I know how to use the "ORDER BY rand()" command on the end of queries to
randomize selection, but that's no good when you want to only display 10
results per page. The next page the user chooses, randomizes again and could
show duplicate fields and not at all show other fields.

Does anyone know a way round this?

Georgie Casey

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