If you use the get method, it will pass the variables in the query string.
if you use post it will pass them in the server variable.  Either way, you
can reference them via the form name on the first page.

For example:
On the first page you have a field with the name: subject1 (<input

The user submits the first page.

On the results page you can reference the value of "subject1" as $subject1

Hope that helps.


"Phplist" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On first page, there is a form where
> User must select choice from Subject1 (mandatory)
> User may select choice from Geographic Area (optional)
> When you click on Go, you go to Results page where there will be
> instructions for PHP:
> Search database where Subject1=$subject1 OR Subject2=$subject1 AND
> Geographic=$geographic
> Whenever there is a match in Subject1 OR Subject2 AND MAYBE a match in
> Geographic
> Then display results in an HTML-format.
> Q: How do I send the results from the form on first page to the results
> page?

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