First of all, take that 'I want to know when you received my e-mail'
-thingie away. It's anoying.

But to the solution:

if ((x < A || x > B) && (y < A || x > B))
        do something..


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Hi friend,
        I need some help on this logic...

1. I have some range (A to B) which is fixed and A,B are very large

2. I have X to Y and I want to check this range should not match with A
to B.

        How can I check this?


1)      A=4   B=8

        Totally 4 cases will come!!

        X=2 Y=5
        X=5 Y=6
        X=2 Y=9
        X=6 Y=9

        In all the above cases that logic should return false.

        How can I solve this?? Don't use for loop!!!!!(Because those are
very large numbers (chrores))

        And logic should be simple and cute!!!!!


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