This is not truly a php programming question but a problem I have when
programming php on which I was hoping someone would shed some light.

When I write php code I generally upload directly to a server via ftp. As I
am on a pretty fast adsl line I have never seen toi the need to have a sever
setup locally.
The problem is that the pages I upload seem to cache and therefore unless I
rename the file I have edited on the server (and there request a new file) I
do not see the changes I have just made- which is problematic when I am
trying new things and changes comer thick and fast.

The cache on my browser is set to clear itself on every file request. I also
manually clear it. However no matter what I seem to have to rename the the
file on the server and request it that way.
This is an issue in both IE and NS so it is not a browser specific problem.

Likewise I do not see to have this same trouble with html or javascript
files- only php.

Any ideas? I thought it might be to do with some sort of server side
cacheing script?

Does anyone have any ideas of a few lines of code I could insert at the top
of a file that would overcome this?

It is really annoying more than anything


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