On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Liam wrote:

> 14/03/2002 10:51:10 PM
> Hi, I was wondering how I'd go about manipulating some command line
> software through PHP.  For instance, I have an FTP program installed
> that allows you to add users through the command line, but it's in this
> format:
>  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> mailto:root@apathy";>root@apathy#:  pure-pw useradd
> joedirt -d /home/jpedirt -u ftpuser
>  Enter User's Password:
>  Enter User's Password Again:
>  User Created
> mailto:root@apathy";>root@apathy#:
>  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> How would I go about writing a simple PHP script that will add users for
> me using the data submitted by a form?  Thanks for your help.

Someone else has already posted an example of a form to collect the data
and pass it to a script called adduser.php. In adduser.php you could try
the exec() function to execute the adduser/useradd command, something

  exec("useradd -u $uid -g $gid -d $home_dir -s $shell -c 'comments' $user");

Hope this helps,


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