Hi all,

We have a unix server with apache and php on it. We have a set of client
site that all share the same codebase. Our problem is that we end up with
multiple URL layouts for essentially the same thing. Let me explain.

Say we have clients x, y, and z. These buy template sites from us, and
access that as http://some.ip.add.ress/x/, /y/, and /z/. Inside these are a
number of urls such as /en/england/foo/bar/cat1/1.php and
/en/england/foo/bar/cat2/1.php, where all */foo/* urls need to be handled by
the /foo.php script via AliasMatch.

This by itself is not so difficult, however we also have a significant
number of client with their own domain names that need to be mapped directly
to their sitename.

Thus we end up with at two sets of AliasMatches:

AliasMatch ^/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/foo/(.*) /www/shared/foo.php
for the templated sites where the (.*) correspond to sitename, language, and
country, and
AliasMatch ^/(.*)/(.*)/foo/(.*) /www/shared/foo.php
for domain-based sites.

Has anyone done anything similar? What did you end up doing? Any suggestions
about how to proceed? I'm thinking it'll be necessary to figure out from
foo.php whether we are in a /sitename/ or not and proceed to build urls from

Thoughts gratefully appreciated. Help! :)

James Green

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