I am trying to post to another server without a form. The input is from a
form on my server. I log the entry in MySQL and then pass the input to this
function to open the connection and return a query result.

The post to the other server requires authentication in the form of USERID
and PASSWORD. At first this function returned "HTTP 1.1/ Authentication
Required" and now it is timing out.

Incidentally, I have posted this data directly from a form with no problems.
Anyone know why this isn't working?

function process_CRIS($USERID, $PASSWORD, $S_S, $S_M, $SRCH__LNAME,
        $url = "";;
        $url = preg_replace("@^http://@i";, "", $url);
        $host = substr($url, 0, strpos($url, "/"));
        $uri = strstr($url, "/");
        $UserID = "xxxx";
        $Password = "xxxxx";
        $reqbody = $reqbody."&S_S=".urlencode($S_S);

        // $S_S can consist of an array of possible search parameters that need to
be concatenated to ab,ac,ad, etc.
        if (isset($S_S)){
                foreach($S_S as $key=>$val)
                        if ($key == 0){ $reqbody = $reqbody."&S_S=".urlencode($val);}
                        {$reqbody = $reqbody.",".urlencode($val);}

        if (isset($S_M)){
                foreach($S_M as $key=>$val)
                        if ($key == 0){$reqbody = $reqbody."&S_M=".urlencode($val);}
                        {$reqbody = $reqbody.",".urlencode($val);}

        $reqbody = $reqbody

        $contentlength = strlen($reqbody);
        $reqheader =  "POST $uri HTTP/1.1\r\n".
                   "Host: $host\n".
        "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n".
         "Content-Length: $contentlength\r\n".

         $socket = fsockopen($host, 80, $errno, $errstr);

if (!$socket) {
   $result = "Error: ".$errno. $errstr;
   return $result;

        fputs($socket, $reqheader);

         $result = fgets($socket, 4096);

return $result;


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