I'm working on a app that uses the header("Location") is the middle of
the file, but since I'm using output buffering it shouldn't matter.  The
application works fine in Mozilla, Konqueror, and IE, but not in
Netscape 4 or 6.

I don't get the error that the "headers have already been written"
error, it just loads the page as if the header("Location:") was
commented out.

Some of my thoughts on the subject.  I'm redirecting to $PHP_SELF is
Netscape trying to be extra smart and think it doesn't have to refresh?
I'm using gzip compression in output buffering, maybe there is a
situation where Netscape 4 & 6 may not use the gzip compression, hence
causing the output buffering not to work correctly?  But if that was the
case I should see the error about headers already been written.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

Jeff Bearer, RHCE
2002 EPpy Award, Best Online U.S. Newspaper

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