I'm adapting some ecard code for my site so that users can save the position
of various objects within my flash movie.  At the moment I create a random
file name for the text file which is saved to my server.  The user is sent
an email saying to go to this.swf?theinfo=randomtextfile.txt.  The info in
the text file saves a string separated by commas of what objects are on the
stage.  No text or _x or _y positions are needed e.g -


This part works fine.

What I do want to do though is create a gallery feature so what I believe I
need to do is to append the info above into a textfile named total.txt or
something.  So that everytime a separate file is saved on to the server,
it's info is added to this total file.  Is this the way to go about it?  Or
is there a php function that can see what files are in the directory, open
them and then use the info that way?

I was told that a database is the way to go but I have no experience of
these at all.

Any help is appreciated.


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