Hey Daniel:

> When I have Textboxes I can retrieve their values whne the method POST is 
> used by the $HTTP_POST_VARS['name_of_the_textbox']

Here's a sample form:

 <input name="Doms[]" type="checkbox" value="foo.biz" />
 <input name="Doms[]" type="checkbox" value="foo.com" />
 <input name="Doms[]" type="checkbox" value="foo.info" />
 <input name="Doms[]" type="checkbox" value="foo.net" />
 <input name="Doms[]" type="checkbox" value="foo.org" />

When you submit it, the boxes that are checked off go into the $Doms[] 
array.  Those which aren't checked don't.  The array's key will be 
numerical, starting at 0.  The array's values will the the values of the 
checkbox, ie "foo.com"



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