I have an sql query which calls * rows from a table.

Each row is an array of table field values.

This is how I understand the heirachy

$table_row_array[0] = $field_row_array[]
$table_row_array[1] = $field_row_array[]
$table_row_array[2] = $field_row_array[]

Now $table_row_array is being drawn from the database via a while loop and
an $a++, thus I do not have a name for $field_row_array-

I just know that the value of each in $table_row_array is an array.

How can I access the values within $filed_row_array[]?

I want to do something like

$table_row_array[0 [1]]; (the second value from the array that is the first
of $table_row_array)

I know this isnt the syntax

Thanks in advance

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