On Friday, March 15, 2002, at 12:19  AM, hugh danaher wrote:

> You're the second one I've seen using "do".  What "do"? Is it in the php
> manual and I missed it?

do { ... } while ( ... );

Runs the while loop at least once, regardless of whether or not the 
while conditional evaluates to TRUE.  Somewhat unrelated, but I used to 
use this technique for looping through a result array from a 
mysql_fetch_*() function if the internal array pointer has already been 
bumped to the second position by a containing while loop.  Now I just 
use two result container variables instead of the same one, since it's 
conceptually a little cleaner (than worrying about the array pointer's 
position for two separate loops that overlap each other).

> I changed your code slightly (to major if it's your baby).  It might 
> puke if
> the $row is empty for the While loop.  If it does, try an @ sign before 
> the
> while.  I didn't test it but it looks like should go. Or, generate some
> interesting error messages.

My experience with programming is limited, but I was under the 
understanding that the @ sign should be used only suppress possible 
unexpected error messages from users; that using it to suppress known 
errors is really not as good a solution as finding out what is causing 
the error and fixing it... of course, sometimes in a pinch you have to 
MacGuyver the thing I guess.  Just some advice :)



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