On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 11:27:59AM -0500, Brinkman, Theodore wrote:
> Given: My site is being brought up inside somebody else's (say
> about.com)frameset.  [We'll call this page about.html]
> Given: I want my main page (index.html) to break out of the frames in the
> about.html page.  
> Solution: My main page (index.html) should send header('Window-target:
> _Top');

That works for me.  I use my layout templating sytsem to send out that 
header on every page.

> So, if I use frames, and I want to keep my frameset page out of someone
> else's frame, I should send that header for my frameset page?

Hmm.  Under these circumstances, from the _minimal_ testing I just did
on this matter, it might not.  I'm guessing, that if their frameset has
already been established and one of their pages has a link which will
put your content into one of their existing frames, then, no, you won't
be able to hop out.

In this scenario, have the page check for the referrer and if it's "'da
basta'ds," have your script print out a hyperlink to your content rather
with a source="_blank" in it.



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